Authorization holds and adjusted totals

When you place an order, there's a temporary hold on your card that’s a bit higher than your order total. You might see multiple authorization holds if you add items after placing an order on Instacart. Authorization holds vary but are typically about 15% higher than the order total at checkout on Instacart. We use temporary holds to make sure we can cover any changes, like if you decide to add more items or if a shopper swaps an item for a different price. Don’t stress—this adjusts back to the actual cost once everything finalizes with your delivery. It can take up to 7 days for the pending charge to drop, depending on your bank.

You could see more than 1 authorization hold on an order if adjustments made after checkout exceed the original authorization total amount, or if you place the order several days in advance of delivery and the original authorization hold expires prior to delivery.

Why different final totals? 

The total you see when you place an order on Instacart includes taxes, fees, and the estimated total. The final total could change because—

  • You got a refund for out-of-stock items
  • Replacements for items that are out-of-stock with an item that a differing price
  • You added additional items after placing the order
  • You bought something like fruits or veggies and the actual weight is slightly different
  • If you increased a shopper tip after delivery

Recurring charges

These only actually occur if you renew an Instacart+ subscription.

If something looks off and doesn’t fit the descriptions above, reach out. When you do, we need to confirm some details to get started. We can sort it much more quickly than going through a bank dispute, which may freeze your account and take up to 90 days to resolve.